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Garments are made to order - especially for you.

    We only accept the first 7 orders

                                - there will only be 7 of these exact items in the world...

                                                                                          and they could be yours!



you can Special-Order custom options at an extra cost of 10GBP

Custom Options like:


     If you don't usually fit normal size items or if

     eg: pants are usually too short or too long for you,

     we can use your measurements to ensure a great fit.


     If you'd like us to try and get a specific colour in a similar fabric we can do

     that too.


Delivery to anywhere in South Africa is free.

Garments take about 2 weeks to make and will thereafter be sent

by courier to the address supplied.


For any further assistance, please contact Andrea:

+27 7 414 080 33  ||

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