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The Process:




Often brides have an idea of what they want - they've found a picture of the dress they want - or ideas from two dresses that they would like to incorporate into their special dress.

We are able to take ideas from different designs and create masterpieces and if this is you, you may send us an email with the design you like and we will be able to quote you.


If you would like us to design a showstopper for you we are more than happy to meet and discuss different things like:

- What silhouette were you hoping to wear and will it suit your body shape?

- Do you have a theme for your Wedding?

- What aspects of your body do you think are your best feature?

- What aspects of your body are you possibly not too confident with?

- Your fabric preferences etc.


And we will design a dress that combines all these elements and echoes your personality... to give you a stunning dress on this truly magnificent day.  


We quote on labour and give an indication of the fabric price.



Once you have accepted the quote we will arrange to take you shopping!

You will be able to see the fabrics available - there is such a variety of beautiful lace and detailing - and we will help you to know what will or will not work for the design you have selected, giving ideas and suggestions along the way.

We will take your measurements and schedule when we will begin work on your Dress.



First Fitting:

We make the pattern for your dress and start with the lining layer.


Your first fitting will be in this lining layer and we will be able to check the fit of the pattern, if any fit-alterations need to be made, and we are able at this point to get your input and hear if you would like the neckline lower or higher or if you would like to change certain other things.

With a little imagination this usually gives you quite a good idea of how the dress will look once completed. 



Second Fitting:

After we have made all the necessary alterations discussed in the first fitting and completed everything but the lace and detailing on the dress, we will call you for your next fitting.

We ask that you please bring your shoes so that we can measure the length of your gown correctly for the hem.

We check that the fit is right and that everything is according to the original design.



Third Fitting & Collection:

By now the lace and detailing will have been added to the dress and the hem will be put in.

The dress is complete!

You will be able to fit it, and being happy with the dress, you will be able to take it home with you.




Exquisitely made Bridal Gowns,

We also make bridesmaid dresses, Mother-of-the-Bride dresses etc.

- Roslyn Kruger -
Wedding Gown


The Beautiful Roslyn wanted a gown that would transform at the Reception and we oblidged. The inside of the skirt came off and what was left was a lace covered minidress.


- Bronwyn de Villiers -
Wedding Gown


Such a beautiful woman - inside and out - it was so enjoyable meeting her and her mom (as well as her bridesmaids). 

- Sam Maybury - 
Bridesmaid's Dresses


Sam made a stunning bride and we were so glad to make her bridesmaid dresses - very beautiful and strong women who we enjoyed spending time with.